Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunset at Bujagali Falls

Did you know that the source of the Nile is in Uganda?  In the southeast corner of Uganda is Lake Victoria, and that's where the Nile begins (officialy, it's the Victorian Nile, part of what is called the White Nile, until it reaches Kahrtoum, in Sudan.  Then it's just the Nile).  It's strange to think about, because everything I know about the Nile involves papyrus and pyramids, and it's hard to imagine it anywhere outside of Egyptian culture.  Which is silly - it's the longest river in the world.  Obviously it can't be contained to the history of one country.

The sun is setting when we drive up to Bujagali Falls.  It's an interesting effect - look one way, and the sky is as blue as it was this afternoon.  Look the other, and the sky is alight with reds, yellows, and oranges.  It's to late for anyone to be on the river, but coming here we passed many signs saying "Nile Expedition!  Raft Bujagali!"  Maybe some other time.

There are no barriers between us as the water, just a single sign warning us not to get too close.  The only thing keeping us from being swept away is our own good sense.  I find that a lot in Uganda, the reliance on human instinct and the ability to know better.  You don't see much of that in America - even the tamest of rivers in our state parks have trails and signs directing away from the water's edge.  It's so safe now.  Like a license to act recklessly.  Not here, though.  I stand as close as I dare, and watch the water rush past my feet.

When the sun sets the warmth of the day goes with it, and we are all very hungry.  We say goodbye to Bujagali Falls. 

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