Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunset in Zurich

I wish we had spent more time here.  Our bus pulled up to the waterfront just as the sun began to dip behind the clouds, and we hustled out of our seats to watch the last of the day's light play across the water.

We wouldn't be staying long in Zurich (we were driving into Austria early the next day), so our chaperones turned us loose in the city's Old Town, where we marveled at the cobblestone streets.  

A nearby church kept a deer in it's yard, and we ooh'd and coo'd and tried to tempt it closer to the fence with leaves and twigs and handfulls of grass.  One lucky girl with long arms managed to brush her finger along its flank before the doe spooked and bounded away.  

Like all good old churches, this church had a mausoleum, and we found it with its wrought iron gate left open for visitors.  After a quick round of dares and double dares, the brave among entered into its gothic shadows, telling tales about Swiss Miss Vampires, who "vant to drink your blud, vith teeny leetle marshmellows."  We aren't exactly scared, but it's dark and we're a little punchy, so when we do see candles shining a flickering light on faces in the distance, we don't even stop to think before racing back to our hotel, trying not to trip on that marvelous cobblestone street.

I'd like to go back to Zurich some day, to look at it in the light and see what I missed, or fill in the blanks for what I did see.  Moonlight does not lend itself to amateur photography on a less than professional camera, so all I have to remember the city by is pictures of its sunset. 

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Reya Mellicker said...

These sunset pictures are exquisite! Sunset over water is the best.

I love the Swiss Miss vampire story ... glad you didn't trip on cobblestones!

Great post!