Monday, August 2, 2010

Traveling in The World Of My Creation

I'm going on a trip.

Not any time soon - not any time ever if I'm being realistic.  But sometimes I think I've been planning this trip my whole life.  Every time I watched a movie, or read a book, or saw a picture featuring some fascinating location and said to myself, "That's a place I need to be."

I've been collecting locations for a while.  When I started this blog, I had grand ideas about writing from the road.  Piling my whole life into my little Beetle and driving across the country, stopping wherever my whims took me.  Nothing could be too sacred or too cheesy - I wanted to see everything.  I wanted to climb mountains.  I wanted to lose myself inside America's strangest museums.  I wanted to hurt my feet on walking tours of every great American city.  I wanted to laugh my stomach sore over beautiful things.  I wanted to cry when it was all over.

My plans didn't end there.  Why be just an American tourist when I could be a tourist of the world?  I could island hop through the South Pacific.  I could ride the rails across Asia and Europe, and follow the Nile down Africa.  I could drive from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Yukon territories in Canada and hold my breath for everything in between. 

I can't go any of those places in real life, not yet.  But I'm going anyway.  It's all very hypothetical.

We'll start tomorrow in Cleveland, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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