Friday, July 30, 2010

Wow, I Never Knew She Was a Lava Flow

Sorry about not writing yesterday; I went to the zoo instead.  I'm sorting through the pictures now - next week should be monkey-tastic!  In the meantime, please enjoy this glimpse at the lave formations from Volcano National Park on Hawai'i's Big Island.

(That last one's not actually a lava formation - it's just a sea arch.  But I thought it was cool, anyway.)


Robin said...

Wow. You have some amazing photographs. Actually, what you really have is an amazing life. You see some pretty awesome stuff. Lava formations, for example. Thanks for sharing with those of us who will very likely never see a lava formation up close and personal!

Robin said...

BTW, this lighter background is so much better!!! Thanks for making the change. I went back to the previous entry and saw that someone said that double clicking on the word made it readable. I had tried single clicking and didn't get anywhere. Anyway, this is better all the way around:-)

Ashleigh said...

Isn't that incredible??? love your close up pics of the flow!