Saturday, July 10, 2010

If there's one thing you need for a road trip, it's a road.  If there are two things you need for a road trip, it's a road, and a working car.  Of course, the car that works today may have different ideas tomorrow, and who knows where you'll be when Ol' Bessie decides to take an extended vacation?  With, you can find a service shop wherever you are.  If you need Dallas, Louisville, or San Francisco auto repair, can help you find it.

Did Steve down the street just get a new Honda Accord, and you don't know if you should be jealous or not?  Use to get candid, real life feedback from real life car owners.  They'll tell you if Steve got a sweet deal on that Honda, if he got suckered, and what car you could buy to be the envy of all of your friends.

You know how, sometimes, your car makes that funny "glub-glub" noise, and someone told you it might be the timing belt, but you just don't know?  And really, what the heck is a timing belt, anyway?'s auto repair encyclopedia can tell you what it is, where you'll find it, and how you'll know if it stops working.  The encyclopedia will also tell you what you'll need to do to fix it, and how much this fancy belt is likely to cost you.  Car Care Confidence.