Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have Creek Stomping Fun on a Day Trip to the State Park

Authored by Raymond Whitney

One of our favorite family activities is to take a day trip at least once a month. One of our favorite destinations is Beaver's Bend in Oklahoma. There are quite a few activities to take part in. The last time we went to Beaver's Bend, we rented some paddleboats and played in the water with them. The water is so clear where we ride the paddleboats that you can see the bottom of the creek. There are turtles in the creek everywhere you look.

We also like to go on hikes through the mountains and in the creeks. We never fail to have a good time when we go to Beaver's Bend. There is also a wildlife museum that the kids love to visit. They usually have hawks, squirrels and an array of reptiles in the cages.

We usually leave our house early in the morning, making sure we set our adt security cameras before we leave. It takes about an hour to get to Beaver's Bend. Most of the time we just make it a day trip but we have been known to take the camper and stay for several days.