Monday, July 26, 2010

Letters To A Baby Tourist 8

This is it!  That last of the Baby Tourist Letters.  I hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I've enjoyed rediscovering them.


Dear Baby Tourist,

It's a slow day at work, so I'll use the time to get caught up on my letters to you.

I can't get over what a funny little girl you are!  You really are a sweet natured kid - most of the time.  It's a very frustrating time for you now because you want things, or don't want things, and you have no way of telling us except by squealing.  You get so mad at us sometimes - it's almost funny to watch you.  But as soon as we figure out what you want and help you get it, you are our smiley little angel  again.

You really are a beautiful little girl.  Lots of blonde hair, big blue eyes - a really pretty light blue like mine - and a beautiful pink and white complexion.  You little body is so beautifully proportioned and strong.  I love letting you crawl around naked just to watch you.

Lately, you have taken a great dislike to your socks and you full them off at every chance.  It will be nice when the weather gets warmer so you don't have to wear them.

Last night Dad and I played the guitar and piano and sang for you while you rocked and bounced on the floor.  You thought the music was great fun.  You like playing the piano yourself.  I can't play unless Dad is home to watch you, or you're in your pen, because otherwise you are all over the keyboard.  You bang the keys and then sing a little, then bang again and sing again.  You are very proud of yourself and lots of fun to watch.

The biggest news, Baby T, is that come the first of November you will become a big sister!  Dad is very excited.  He loves you so much he is looking forward to having another baby.  

I want another baby, too, but I worry about being able to love anyone other than you.  I love you so very much.  

Grandma M says there is always more love, that having babies helps you love more.  I guess that's true.  I use to think I couldn't love anyone more than I loved your Daddy, but then you came along and I learned to love both of you equally.

I know you will enjoy having your own kid to play with.  You love playing with other kids, so having a playmate of your own will be fun for you.


Purple Cow said...

What a pity this is the last one. Your mother shares the same concerns I had when I was giving birth to my second child. It took me, as an only child, a while to realise that love is not something that is divided...nor can you love "equally" is special and unique for everyone you love.

I don't think that this should have been the last...Did you feel that the fact that it coincided with a second baby made it the last letter? Did your mother also write letters to your sibling? Or did she just get too tired?

plomist said...

I did write some letters to the Tourists sister. I think I got overwhelemed at that point and wondered if I was being a little silly :) I DO think there maybe more letters, the trick is to remember where they ended up!