Monday, July 19, 2010

Letters To A Baby Tourist 7

Dear Baby Tourist,

Nine months old, and what a big girl you are!  20lbs 5g and 29 1/4 in long.  You do so much now it's hard to keep up with you!  You are getting very good at feeding yourself something at every meal.  You love potatoes, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, eggs, and bread.  You are learning to feed yourself with your spoon, too.  You grab it right away from me and put it in your mouth.  Lots of it still ends up on your face, but you're getting better every day.

There is not one place in the house you can't get.  You cruise all around the furniture and your little face crinkles all up with pleasure when you reach your destination.  Dad and I walk you between us a lot and you love that!

Everything now is "Da Da."  I hold up Baby Mickey.  "Who is this, Baby T?"  "Da Da!"  But it makes your daddy so proud when he comes in to get you in the morning and you jump up and down in your crib and say "Da Da!" and hug and 'kiss' him.

My favorite time with you is in the morning when you are in bed with us with your bottle.  Your blondy is all tousled and you look all porcelain and pink from your night's sleep.  You snuggle up with your baby self and look just like a Ruben cherub.

We are so proud of you, little girl, your every triumph is also ours.  We love discovering life again through your eyes.  The love we feel for you and that you return to us continues to grow daily - I am always amazed at the depth of my feelings for you and for our family.

Every day the miracle of you is there for me to wonder at.  Even on the days I am tired and cranky, you 'fish face' at me and I laugh.  Or as we snuggle for a nap, you reach out and pat my face, and I know you love me, full of shortcomings and mistakes as I am, and my heart feels so full I could bust.

Thank you for your sweetness - for you.

I am fighting a cold today, so I am going to put myself to bed early.

Love you, sweetheart.


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