Monday, July 5, 2010

Letter to a Baby Tourist 5

Oct. 22, 1987

Dear Baby Tourist,

I haven't had the chance to write to you lately, so I will try to make up for it now.

You are now five months old, and just as funny and cute as can be.  Recently, you have started to become more of a little person, and really asserting your own brand of baby independence.  We know right away if you like or dislike something.  You either squeal with frustration, or coo and talk with delight.  And when you want to get something, you get it!  Not by crawling, but by rolling to it.  I can't leave you alone on the floor anymore because you really roll all over.  I have Aunt Joy and Judy's old playpen that I fixed up for you, and you play happily in there for 20-30 minutes at a time.

You also have a new tot wheel.  It's a walker - you can't walk in it yet by you like being able to sit up and watch life around you.  It's especially nice at dinner time.  Mom and Dad can eat while you sit next to the table and play.

Your favorite toy is still your stuffed terry-cloth elephant.  It's red and has a rattle on it.  If there is a choice between another toy and the elephant, you usually go for the elephant.  The poor thing gets chewed on a lot.  It must feel good on your gums.

Standing up is a favorite thing to do and you would stand for HOURS on our laps if we didn't get tired.

One thing that intrigues you the most right now is the baby in the mirror.  You talk and talk to her and reach out to touch her.  Recently you've been trying to "kiss" her and can't seem to understand why she's so cold and hard.

In just this last week, you've really started to be very vocally expressive.  You kind of went through a period of time where you didn't have much to say about anything, but recently you've really opened up and have had a lot to say about everything.  Laughing is also a new past time.  We can really get you going sometimes and you just giggle and giggle.

Dad and I can tell that you've started to recognize us, because you are always ready with a smile for us, when you see us.  So far you are doing well with other people - you are not afraid of them, and will smile for anyone who talks to you.  You always look very serious when first confronted by someone new, but as they talk to you and are nice to you, you will smile and talk to them.

You really seem to enjoy being at Linda's.  The other little kids really like you and play with you lots.  I can really see a difference between Joey - who is rarely around other kids and doesn't really know how to act - and you who are very accepting and not afraid of other children.  I think it helps you a lot.  Today, when I dropped you off, you started talking and smiling right away.

Last weekend, you stayed overnight with my friend Monica.  She had lots of fun with you, and it was good for Mom and Dad to have an evening together.  We enjoyed our time alone, but were very glad to get you back!  You had a good time with Monica, and were completely spoiled, I'm sure.

Next weekend we go up to Michigan.  Everyone will be surprised to see how much you've grown.  I'm afraid they won't let you come home with us.  You're so cute and fun to have around.  But I can't do without you, so I won't let them have you.

Grandma and Grandpa M. are going to be moving into their new house in 3 weeks, and we have to go up to move out some furniture.  It will be very sad to have to move them from the Grand Pre house.  It's the house I grew up in, a house I always dreamed of having you know, but Grandma and Grandpa need their own house, and I am happy for them, but sad for me.  It's sort of like watching you grow up.  I am glad you are being a big girl, but I miss you being a baby.  It's very bittersweet, and sometimes it hurts my heart.

Well, little girl, you mom has to got to get to work.  You are a good girl, and I love you.


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