Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't You Wish You Could Throw Your Pennies Back At Them?

Well, as long as we're here...

The famous fountain outside the Bellaggio Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip.  

When I visited several years ago, we passed the hotel in the afternoon, and stopped to watch the water dance to a Frank Sinatra tune.  The guide book back in our room promised that the music played half hour in the afternoon, so there were plenty of opportunities to watch the spectacular show.  We even went back that evening, crowded against the barriers with hundreds of other camera-toting tourists, waiting.  Out of the speakers comes the opening piano riff from that famous number from "A Chorus Line."  Across the eight acres of pool, the fountain comes to life, circling, twirling, rocketing across the expanse.  One singular sensation, indeed. 

We only saw the waters dance once when we last visited the city.  We stopped outside the hotel after the sun had gone down, avoiding traffic and errant bachelorette parties.  I can't say it didn't feel a little bit like pandering to the audience when the opening chords of "God Bless the USA" blared from the speakers, but that didn't stop the crowd from cheering as the fountains rocketed skyward, singing along that they will proudly stand UP.... next to you.  Against the city sounds, the water jets sounds like fireworks.  

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