Thursday, September 16, 2010

Word On The Street, You Got Something To Show Me

I don't get many opportunities to see peacocks, but at the Cincinnati Zoo, they roam the grounds at their own leisure.  I'd never seen a peacock show his feathers, so I had hoped that, before we left for the day, we might see one shake what his peacock mama gave him. 

After plenty who had no interest in showing off...

And one poor fella who tried so hard but didn't have much to show...

As we were preparing to leave the zoo, we heard the tell-tale rattle and coo of a peacock who was in the mood and ready to find himself a fun-loving peafowl. 

He was feisty, to be sure.  He'd managed to chase a lady bird into a small, semi-fenced enclosure, and, tail proudly displayed, proceeded to follow her around the pen, vibrating his feathers and clucking in a way I'm sure he thought was seductive, but really made him come across as every relentlessly skeevey guy you've ever met in a bar. 

Girlie was having none of it.  She'd wait until he came just close enough, then dart behind his tail, where he couldn't see her.  She scurried under a fence post, out into the zoo and away from his clumsy advances.  And he?  Well, he was left behind.  All dressed up, and no where to go.

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