Monday, June 21, 2010

Letter to a Baby Tourist 3

August, 11, 1987

Dear Baby Tourist, 

Here you are, three months old already!  You continue to be a happy little soul at delight your mom and dad more each day.  You have started to chuckle and laugh with us now.  When you do, we laugh more, which makes you laugh more.  It's a good sound of a happy family.

These last few weeks have been busy for me.  I auditioned, and was cast in, a play called Quilters.  It is an important show to me, because it's the first time I've acted in a year, so it's good to be back onstage again.  It means I have to be gone four nights a week, and Saturday morning, so you spend a lot of time with Dad.  I'm glad you two have that time together.  Dad teaches you tricks like sticking out your tongue and making funny noises, and you watch baseball and boxing together.  It's good for me to be away from you, too.  I can so easily get wrapped up in you that it's good for me to remember I'm interested in other tings.

I also started back to work three days a week.  I enjoy this set-up, because I get two days with you, and I enjoy work when I go.  Your babysitter is Linda.  She likes you a lot and you seem to like going to her house.  I guess you are really too young to care where you are, ut I think you can sense when you're not home.  I think you can also tell when you're safe and cared for, and you feel that at Linda's, so you don't get tense and upset.  Linda takes care of five other children, and she has a little girl who is six weeks old.  It's nice that you will have kids around as you learn how to play.

This last weekend was an important one for our family.  Saturday, August 8th was Dad's birthday, and Sunday, August 9th, you were baptized.  The minister, Steve N., is a good friend of our family, and he was the man who married your dad and me.  It was special for us that he was able to baptize you.

We all met in Holland at Camp Geneva and we had the ceremony in the pine grove amphitheater.  You wore the same dress Aunt Heidi, Joy, and Judy wore when they were baptized.  You looked very pretty.  You cried because you were tired, but we didn't mind (I think you were mad because you got your head wet!).  The people who were there were Grandma and Grandpa M., Steve and Jean N., Joel and Karen, Gregg, Todd and Shelly, Heidi, Joy, and Judy.  We were glad they could share this special time with us.

We all promised to help raise you as a child of God.  I will do my best to guide you in God's family as I guide you in mine.  You are truly God's gift to me, Baby Tourist, and I hope I can teach you that he is a kind and loving heavenly father!

I am going to check in on you once more before I go to bed.  Sleep well, sweet pea.

Love, Mom.

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Ro Magnolia said...

There can never be any possible value you could put to these letters. What an incredible treasure your mother has given you! I'm falling in love with her from a distance of miles and years. I have a lovely, lovely mother myself and obviously, so do you! :)