Saturday, June 12, 2010

When Your Heart is Breaking, Even Though It's Aching

There's a church not far from Vienna.  It calls itself a monastery, but it's entirely full of nuns.  Believe me, this caused no small amount of debate when I got home. "They said it was a monastery."  "Surely, nuns in a nunnery?"  "Don't correct the nuns."  I didn't really have the nerve to ask where all the monks were, though, because every statue outside the church was a saint in varying degrees of martyrdom.  Even the Jesus on the Cross in the sanctuary was a Bloody Anguish Jesus instead of the Regretfully Resigned Jesus we'd seen in every other church.  Enjoy these statues.  Don't have nightmares.



AmandaRose said...

I'm envious of all your travels! I hope to see the world one day too! Great Blog!

Katlyn said...

Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it. You've got a nice blog! I wish I could travel around the world too.

Take care.