Monday, June 28, 2010

Letter to a Baby Tourist 4

September 1, 1987

Dear Sweet Pea,

In the last 21 days you have learned lots of amazing things!  Like going "Br-r-r-r" with your mouth and making bubbles.  When you hold on to my hands you can pull yourself right up to your feet and that always makes you smile, and sometimes laugh.  You do laugh when Daddy dances with you.  And you talk and talk and talk.  To us, to yourself, to the baby you find in Mom's bedroom mirror.  You and I visit with the mirror lots, and you think it's great fun.  You don't like to so much if I leave you alone with the baby, but when I'm there you have lots to tell her.

You are also getting real good at rolling from your tummy to back.  We've never seen you do it, but you are always rolled over now when we get you from your crib.  Most days you wake up and roll over and talk to the elephants on the mobile, or the crib mirror.  You are also busy with your fingers a lot.  This past week you have gotten good at catching your foot in your hand and holding it while you look at your wiggly toes.  You often play quietly by yourself for about half an hour (as long as you don't see or hear me).  I can always tell when you are ready to get out because you will yell for me.  You don't cry, you just say "AH!"  Real loud.  If we don't come right away, you try again.  "AH AH AH AH!"  When it's early in the morning, you seem to know that you have to give us time to wake up and get you, but during the daytime, if we haven't responded to the 3rd set of "AH's," then you being to whimper.

Your little head will be held up (if you are on your tummy) looking for us with your big blue eyes.  Once you see us, you break into your gooey little grin and start Br-r-r-ring and talking and blowing bubbles.

I think you are more aware that we belong to you.  You are still accepting of other people and don't cry when others hold you.  But when we get you now at the baby sitter's, you seem to be excited about seeing us.  

You smile and bob and lean towards us.  You are also more aware of being alone in a room.  If you look around and don't see us, you yell.

You can see and follow things really well now.  Trees continue to fascinate you.  And you like watching the colors and motion on the television.  The ceiling fan is still a favorite of yours!

You have begun to reach out to things that catch your eyes.  You can't yet bring them to back to yourself at will, but you can grab hold sometimes.  If both Mom and Dad talk to you, you very carefully watch both of us as we speak until you get confused.

Some days you are crabbier than others, but the majority of the time, you are still our sweet happy girl.

I must get some of my house chores done, that then you and I must go pay the mortgage and buy birthday cards for cousin Mike, Uncle George, Grandpa P and Grandpa M.

Love you Baby P!


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