Monday, June 7, 2010

Letter to a Baby Tourist

Many years ago, when I was too young to appreciate it, my mother wrote me letters.  She told me about herself, and myself, the things we were doing, and the things we had done.  Every adventure starts somewhere, and this is the start of mine.  Enjoy.

June 26, 1987

Dear Baby Tourist -

You are now six weeks old.  You are the joy of my life and I love you more every day.

This past week you have started to smile at people.  You always smile at your dad first thing in the morning; I know it's a nice way for him to start his day.  I feel so proud that you have learned a new thing.

The last two weeks Aunt Judy has stayed with us to help take care of you.  You were a good girl for her, and she liked being with you.

Today we leave for a week's vacation in Michigan at the cottage in Glen.  This will be your second trip to Michigan.  You and I went to visit Grandma M for a week when you were 3 weeks old.  You met Uncle Joel and Aunt Karen, Uncles Todd and Gregg, and Aunts Heidi, Joy, and Judy.  We also spent a day with Grandpa R and Becky and Holly and your Great-Grandma and Grandpa R.

Sunday June 7 we spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa P, and Aunt Jan and cousin Mike.  We also introduced you to Great-Grandmother W and Great Aunts Debbie and Sherrie and Great Uncles Art and Bob.

On Memorial day Uncle George and Aunt Shirley stopped to see you on their way to Tennessee.  Soon we hope to visit your Great-Grandma P.

Dad and I like showing you off because you are such a sweet, pretty girl and we are proud of you because you are ours!

Baby Tourist, you have changed my life so much.  You have helped me learn to be patient, and to know what is important and what isn't.

What is important is providing you with lots of love and security to make you feel safe and happy.

I am so lucky to have you.  You and your dad are the most important people in my life, and I thank God for making us a family.

I hope you will always know we love you.  I've mad a promise to myself that I will tell you every day.

You are crying now, so I'll end this and go to you-

Love, Mom.  


Purple Cow said...

Dear grown up baby tourist! I write letters like this to my daughters and I always thought that I do it for me. It's nice that grown up kids appreciate them as much as the mothers who wrote them. So sweet.

Aunt Judy said...

What was written about your Aunt Judy was very true, "she liked being with you". And now I can tell my little girl about a certain tourist who came to visit us on the other side of the world and how special that was for us.