Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weekend Round-Up

Welcome, New Readers!  And welcome back, Old Friends.

Did you happen to stop by Tacky Tourist Photos this week?  If you haven't, you might want to give it a look - if only to see a familiar face.   

Kate the Beer Babe - When I first moved to my current small town, I was amazed at all the funny little quirks it held.  Sometimes it pays to play the tourist in your own home town!  I hope your car feels better soon - the sunsets on Lake Michigan aren't going to photograph themselves.  (And between you and me, how big is my head now that you've said I've inspired you [even if it's just in a small way]?  I can barely fit my hat on anymore.)

Purple Cow - Truth be told, along with going to Japan the year before, that Europe trip opened my eyes to just how vast world culture is, how we've all come to essentially the same place using extremely different roads.  If your daughters ever get the chance, I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.  As for keeping them out of trouble, well... :).  My mother always told me that she trusted me to know better and make good decisions, and somehow, that seemed to do the trick.  But then, I was born an Old Lady already, so I may just not have been able to keep up with those crazy kids.

Sarah - I think a fortune cookie a day is a lovely idea!  I've passed those big boxes of fortune cookies in the grocery store, and have thought to myself, "Surely they can't all be different."  But what a delightful thing if it turns out to be true!  I'll be following your fortunes with interest.

I've just come back from an instructive day surrounded by Chihuly glass, tropical fauna, butterflies, and pointillist landscaping, so look forward to those write ups later this week!

Thank you for reading.  Come back soon!  (And bring a friend!)

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Anonymous said...

Purple Cow...Tourists mom here. She is right...she was born an old soul BUT she was still a kid. It was hard to let her go to Japan and to Europe as a teen and even to Uganda last fall as a young adult. She hasnt shared her left-behind in Key West Story or her They lost me at the airport story yet...all of which give mothers nightmares...But I would let her do it all over again. Both Tourist and her sister have traveled alot with and without us. It makes me bite my nails sometimes but I would encourage every parent to let their kids go. Its the world...ya gotta see it!