Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Carriage Hill Metropark and Farm


Carriage Hill used to be working farm in the late 1800s.  I suppose it still is, but I couldn't tell you what they're actually producing.  A visitors center explains the history of the farm itself, and the grounds have expanded to include a lake for fishing (plus helpful signs pointing out where the fish bite best) and spots for camping.  The farm itself offers horseback riding for the horseback inclined, and promises the opportunity to watch the farmers and costumed volunteers carryout their daily chores.

The old farm stands as it must have in 1880, though not all of the buildings are original.  A volunteer in period costume crosses the yard in front of me with a basket full of period laundry.
There were a few RVs at the campgrounds, and plenty of fishermen around the lake, but the farm itself had a decided lack of visitors.  Maybe it's too early in the season, or maybe it's too hot.  More likely this is a place that just doesn't get a lot of daily foot traffic.  The costumed volunteer from before passes right by me without a second look.  I bet she doesn't get a lot of questions about her job.

I suspect that, if I were the kind of person who camps regularly, or likes to spend an afternoon fishing, Carriage Hill would be my favorite place.  The air is clear and the grounds are quiet, and the park is far enough away from any major roads that the only thing you'll here is the wind through the trees and over the water.  I don't have the discipline to relax like that, and I have too much respect (read: fear) for nature to spend copious amounts of time in it.  

(I like nature.  I just like it at a distance.)

All in all, it's an easy going park that's not about to ask too much of you.  If you're looking for a laidback way to spend the afternoon, or you need a weekend "away from it all," you could do a lot worse than Carriage Hill.

Learn more about Carriage Hill at their website.


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this is such a sweet blog! best of luck to you, keep going!

Linda Tunnell said...

that was such an interesting description , and I think I'd love to be that washer woman, I adore hanging my clothes out on the line!
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