Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Down Among the Sheltering Palms

You're about to learn something very important about me.  

I think palm trees are awesome.

Never has there been a tree more photogenic than the palm tree.  Yes, New England is pretty in the fall, and coniferous trees are enchanting when they're covered with snow, and all trees look pretty when they're budding in the spring, but if you're looking for a tree with consistent style and personality, cherry blossoms have nothing on palm fronds.

Palm trees make everything better.  They're the perfect trees for sitting in the sun - just enough shade to keep you from overheating, but not so much that you shiver in the shade.   Not to mention the added benefits of coconuts.

Be honest, are you more interested in this location with the palm tree?

Or without?

I rest my case.

In conclusion, palm trees are the best, and if you disagree, I will fight you.  

Thank you for your time.

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

Hi, Tourist! I followed your comment on my blog (retiredintherockies.blogspot.com) back to see your site. I'm so glad I did. Beautiful photos.

I've visited all 50 states and much of Canada, and lived in Okinawa back in 69-72, but last August was our first trip to Europe, and now this trip that I'm still telling about every other night. (Tomorrow is Athens.) I cried when leaving the Acropolis, I got so emotional.

Now, about the palms. They're gorgeous and photogenic, aren't they? And you've obviously never lived with one, so I'm laughing a bit. We had five for about 25 years, and they're a painful mess. They have to be trimmed or drop painful, sharply-spined branches all around, and I cut up my hands more than once either hauling away said branches or trying to trim them off. Sure love them in photos, though, but I'll stick to the Ponderosa Pines on our property here in Colorado. Much more friendly.