Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pack Your Bags with

What do I think of when I pack my bags?  Where am I going?  What will I see?  How much of my life to I need to fold into my lightweight luggage to carry around with me wherever I go?  How much room do I need to leave for the memories I'm going to bring back with me?

Baggage is important, and how you pack says a lot about you.  Maybe you're the kind of person who folds everything tightly, stacking everything neatly and aligned by the edges, allowing for no unsightly bulges in the line of your duffle.  Maybe you roll your clothes and stack them on top of each other, packing twice as much into one bag, all the while praying it's still light enough to slip under the weight limit.  Or maybe you're the type who heaps everything into your suitcase with no method to your madness, and have to sit on the lid, just to get it to close.

Me?  I'm a roller, because I like to leave as many hands free as possible, and I like to keep myself to one bag.  I keep my toiletries in an outside pocket,  to keep them away from my clothes, but I don't bother putting them in a plastic bag, because I like feeling like I've bested fate when I somehow avoid a shampoo explosion.  I like lightweight luggage that I can carry instead of pull behind me, because I like being in control of my baggage.  And I like waiting until the last second to pack, because a vacation just doesn't feel right unless I'm worried I've forgotten something.