Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seen from a Gondola

Venice, Italy.  Summer 2004.

They've been promising this day from the very beginning.  It was in every copy of our itinerary, every informative packet, even the letter sent to our houses inviting us into the program.  

Ride a gondola.

Ride.  A.  Gondola.


(If you're interested, the gondaleers do wear the striped shirts and wide brimmed hats.  They didn't sing, but that's alright.)

It was a beautiful sunny day in Venice, perfect weather for riding a gondola.  Here are the things we saw:


linnykins said...

Venice! I'm envious of your travels, that's one place that I'd love, love, love to visit one day.

You can see so much more when you're out walking the city! I love your photos.

Ashleigh said...

Someday...someday!! My in-laws are going this summer...they are really looking forward to it!